About Me.

My name's Nina Band and I have recently finished my degree in Photography at Falmouth University, where my primary focus has been architectural photography which challenges my audiences' perceptions with dimensions, shapes and colour. My most recent project "Pensive Dimensions" is an abstract vision of architecture, which focuses on the way we perceive shapes and forms within complex spaces. Capturing minimalistic architecture has allowed me to understand and appreciate the simplicity of certain structures. In reaction to my architectural images, I have constructed paper representations that break down the shapes from the original photographs, as an alternative interpretation of the way we see forms. From doing this, my main intention is to challenge my audiences’ perceptions of angles, shapes and perspectives. By constructing images that look identical from the initial encounter, it formulates confusion between the two. However when viewed for longer, details become clearer and the two images become separate.

I have been working alongside architecture for the past year, where I have gained an understanding and an awareness of space around me. I’m specifically drawn towards dated architecture and with my imagery; another focus is to make my audience see how beautiful these forgotten buildings can be. 

If you'd like to get in touch my details are on the contact page.

Image Credit, Olivia Melvin:  oliviamelvinphotography.4ormat.com

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